Ufc 128 Shogun Vs Jones Live Streaming Video Feed And Television Schedule

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    Round 1: Low kick by Almeida opens the round. Pyle light on his feet, pawing a jab along with a leg kick. Little happening 90 seconds over. Pyle comes in with some shots but nothing significant. Nice uppercut counter by Mike Pyle, he's telegraphing Almeida. Pyle picks Almeida up and slams him on the mat, but motions for Almeida to square up. He doesn't wish to play Almeida's game on the floor. Almeida shoots but Pyle shrugs him off and turns him into the cage and still is working some dirty fighting. Almeida turns Pyle into the cage and is peppering knees to Pyle's thighs--they difficulties. Straight fight from Almeida lands throughout a separation following a failed Almeida take-down try. Knee from Pyle ends the stage. 10-9 Pyle.

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