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    Austin Cool Place - Krause Springs Krause Springs is an amazing place. West of Austin a little more than 30 miles, Krause Springs is a wonderful swimming hole. Krause Springs is actually a privately owned area owned by Elton open kitchen and living room design in same room different colors (Visit ) Jane Krause. Over the years, the Krauses have created camp grounds, trails and a butterfly garden for anyone who wants to visit. Cypress Creek runs just below the house, which is the entrance to the area. Cypress Creek is only one water feature that feeds the area.

    There are 32 springs on the property, some cascading into the water below as waterfalls. The mini valley that the creek runs through has amazing cliffs on one side and huge cypress trees all along the water. In the cliffs are many caves, some large enough to go in, but many being just outlets for water when it rains. Anyone wanting to camp can do that in one of two camp grounds. Firewood is available if needed. Camping costs more than just a day visit, but prices are very reasonable.

    Walking along the creek is a bit rough as cypress tree roots and rocks, large and small, are everywhere. Swimming is really more like spashing around in the water. The water is a chilly 70 degrees all year, so jumping in during the summer could be really refreshing. In the cliff by the swimming home are quite a few caves. Most are too small to go in, but you can actually swim into one. The other cliff has a trail that runs along its base.

    The geology of the cliff is pretty interesting. There are holes everywhere that water has percolated through over time. In many areas there are what look like what once were stalactites when there was more of a roof over parts of the cliff. To get to Krause Springs, take Texas 71 northwest from Austin. Go about 18 miles past the intersection of 620 and 71 in Bee Cave and turn right on County Road 191. You will recognize 191 as Opie's Barbeque and an Exxon station or an the corner.

    Just a few minutes later you will see a sign for Krause Springs. Turn right and then left after a low water crossing on Krause Springs Road.


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